Wednesday, August 6, 2008

stuff i'm into at 8 AM.

Pues... I have a crazy bad memory sometimes, and I found/ thought of all this delicious stuff i'm into reading right now, so I thought I'd compartir.

A news website, in conjunction with a publication they do (they offer it in my university's newspaper like once a week.) I never thought to look at the website, but I stumbled onto it while reading an article (link). It's news for the cool kids.
I love reading blogs. I love blogging. While I'm here struggling to find my blogger identity as an American mono-and-a-half-lingual who loves pop culture and anthropology (should I put that in the blog description?) ; these four girls have a nice blog going. Nothing too hammer in the head, nothing too fluffy. New role models? Well, at least a nice weekly read.

Human Biodiversity Forum
I've been growing into a really big anthropology geek. Enough said.

Bastan for now. I need to work on las razones que I'm up at 8:48, looking at Haaz Sleiman, watching the Nanny and researching anthropology. I'd make tea, but the cafeína has gotten to be too much for me.

Hasta la próxima.

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