Thursday, July 3, 2008

domo arigato, mr. roboto.

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Dear heavens, stars and skies, please help.

See that picture? That's me. That's who I am becoming.
I am quickly approaching the point of no return.

You have to excuse my dramatic sense of urgency, but a girl knows when she has a problem. While my colleague is irrationally looking up GUIDES to get laid (seriously, we have to talk.), I am finding myself increasingly emotionless. I briefly touched upon it before, but it's truly worsening by the day.

I find myself going about my day, just as driven as usual about my other endeavors, but
completely devoid of any emotion about guys. Any. Not sad, not happy, not horny. Nothing. I feel like a robot, on task, but never anything more than that.

If I had to name an emotion.. I suppose I would say that I'm feeling a complete sense of hopelessness about guys. I get a faint flutter when I look at guys I like (well at least before this robotiscism hit), or liked, and then I immediately retreat into the world of no emotions. It happened a few minutes ago. I was going through a (former?) crush's photo album, only to feel a distinct nonchalantness, a nothing. His face sparked a brief emotion (he's pretty hot), but I quickly reassured myself that I didn't care, and went on to check and see if my new profile photo had gotten any comments (I check like every 5 seconds.)

It's like.. the flutter of hope quickly squashed out by the darkness of despair and knowingness that things shall not go my way. I should be okay with this emotionlessness. I'm an Aquarius, we are distant and we like it. But I'm feeling a bit uneasy about it for some unknown reason. So this is my official cry for help.

I'm so confused, I'm not even sure about what exactly I'm trying to say here. Maybe I should be more action-oriented about this whole ordeal, and stop worrying about any possible emotion. Maybe I need to get laid too. Anywho, its time for me to check for photo comments again.

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