Thursday, March 5, 2009

hip hop you're the love of my life.

i cried watching America's Best Dance Crew.
it was before anyone won, it didn't matter. it doesn't matter. (for the record, my boys won.. i am in love with you dominic.)

i'm still crying, because hip hop changed my life. dancing has always been a part of me, but hip hop took it to another level. fighting for respect, dancing to beats when the other girls in the dance department thought NOTHING of what i do, coaching dancers semester after semester trying to make them see your vision, not making cshock but wanting to go back SO BAD because you just want to learn more, dreaming of teaching and traveling and starting a dance company that shows HIP HOP, not the nullified presentational version, but something real..

and i'm not done! i'm still learning, still growing. but its like my dreams are so much more tangible tonight. to see dancers go after what they want, and love it so much and know they feel like i do.. to believe that as a woman you don't have to be second best, to love dance, to love this artform so much it nearly makes you cry when you think about it.

there's nothing like it.
i love you quest and beat freaks.

and i love you hip-hop
and i will never ever stop.

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