Thursday, February 19, 2009

something to remember

Ok, so I had planned to be funny today but that plan got nixed.

When all of a sudden, it struck me.
I will be the love of someone's life.

I'm here, trying to study, musing over the episode of Tyra I watched (about He's Just Not That Into You, go figure), listening to Nelly Furtado. And it hit me.

We (we being ladies) worry about attracting someone, and we change for them, and we drive ourselves nuts. We wonder and wait and feel generally impatient. And we definitely accept less than we deserve sometimes. So while listening to this song, I'm thinking about what a wonderful girlfriend I would be, how loving and fabulous and gym-going and all kinds of assorted things I'll be.

And you know what? I'm EXACTLY right. I am all of those things. And some dude is gonna go apeshit over me. (Or something more romantic sounding.) And no, its not gonna happen with every person I meet. But some guy IS actually going to see me that way.

So why am I ever concerned? Do I really believe myself in this new epiphany? Why the hell wouldn't I cut the guy some slack and let life happen? Getting what you deserve is more than worth it.

I wish every girl could remember the level of patience and determination I have right now. Hell, I wish I would remember it 5 minutes from now.

P.S. At the risk of sounding ridiculous:

How to Accept Yourself
How to Not Accept Less Than You Deserve
Enjoy Life
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