Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the real world

So I'm a graduating senior.

A few more months and its the "grad school, pray school gives you housing, oh damn girl don't eat that you're trying to get hired by a dance company, did you pay your phone bill?, gym 3 times a week, chinatown bus to dc! see best friend!, oh don't forget dance class, damn i'm tired, but wait, life's good" - type of life for me.

I mean my life is kind of like that now but you get the idea.

Spent 2 fabulous hours at the gym today, which I shall repeat every MW and some Fridays. Dance class was already working me so I'm gonna be a fine little dish by the end of the semester. And I know I have the discipline and desire to upkeep it. After school I have to train and condition my self (as far as scheduling) for dance, but I know it can do it. I am finally starting to trust in the fact that I can achieve the things I want, and I can take advantage of the joys in life. Corny, I know.

"Love and work... work and love, that's all there is." - Sigmund Freud

Well about that love part.. I'm working on it.

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hb said...

i wish you the best vogie.

and about the love part, i'm just focusing on the me part haha. it would most like only be a distraction at this moment.