Thursday, June 12, 2008

la razon. (remix!)

Starting afresh with this blog. (Again, seeings as I've edited it.)

So as for me..My name is Vogue. I'm a student, I study dance and Spanish in school. If you're wondering what I'm gonna do with that, just ask. I study anthropology and the relationships between cultural/gender/etc. groups in my spare time. You could possibly call me a geek for that. I'm loving and awkward.

This blog is in place largely for me to rant on about life, culture, and frivolity... or to revisit some uses of the language I find particularly beautiful or thought evoking (ie. lyrics and poetry). Its me finding my voice in blogging. So its a process, bear with me. It used to be for me to ramble on in Spanish (one of my greatest loves).. but you can go see ánimo ( for that.

This blog is about me and the things around me. Life, really. HYPERVIDA!

Pues, hasta la próxima. ♥
edited on August 28, 2008

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