Monday, February 9, 2009

got you shook..

Let's start with the facts, shall we?

1. I have read the book (again) and seen the movie "He's Just Not That Into You" within the span of a month.
2. I do not have any romantic interests.
3. Valentine's Day is this weekend.
4. I have not been having the best guy situations in going out lately, for various reasons.

Those are the baseline facts, cause there's some other stuff but that's really getting you too deep into my business and I'm not about that today. So considering these things and #s 2 and 3.. #1 WAS A BAD CHOICE.

This book/movie has got me all messed up. Apparently I forgot after the first time I read it I was devoid of emotion for about 3 months, and now I'm just crazy. I get the point of the book being don't take less than you deserve, and don't put up with BS, and don't waste the pretty, but by the end of the experience I can never seem to remember why I ever wanted to date, and am thoroughly convinced that no guy in history has ever truly liked me.

Because these truths, albeit often truth, are often dangerous when internalized.
"You are the rule, not the exception."
DAMN. I know but I'm over here struggling with self esteem problems and its like 'nah girl don't eat the ice cream it only makes things worse' and you're in essence telling me I'm not special. How am I supposed to handle that?!

AND AS FOR THE MOVIE. After you've depressed me, you feed me this insanity (see photo)? I don't want to see happy endings at this point. I'm moody and lonely and you want to show me romance. Suck it.

But either way, I know that I deserve someone who really is into me, and I know that I think half the women in the movie are psychologically challenged. But I also I know that despite my fulfillment as a lady on my own, I get lonely sometimes, and I have all kinds of crazy dreams about romance.

And this movie has me shook. Because sometimes it doesn't seem like they're possible at all. And I don't know how ok I am with that. But see the movie and read the book, they are really good. Don't let my instability deter you!

* sorry if you were disappointed because this blog was not about Mobb Deep
** why'd you do it Chris Brownnn?! America wants you to pull it together. Rihanna.. should you have read the book..?


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